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We are a pioneer in the industry and strive to empower each and every creative personality to explore their artistic potential through our die-cutting machines and inspiring designs. From sewing and upcycling to cardmaking and scrapbooking with much more in between, the possibilities are endless with Sizzix® die-cutting systems.

What is Die-Cutting?

Die-cutting transforms the often impossible task of cutting out complex shapes with scissors into a fast, fun and easy process. By using a die (a shape which features metal blades) in conjunction with a die-cutting machine, the roller system in the machine provides pressure to the die and it’s blades allowing the chosen material to be cut through.

Die Cutting Step 1
Die Cutting Step 2
Die Cutting Step 3

What Makes Die-Cutting Better Than Scissors?

Die-cutting transforms the tedious tasks of cutting numerous letters and shapes into a fast, fun and easy endeavour replicating the same perfect shape over and over again. This is particularly useful with intricate shapes which would be near impossible to cut accurately by hand.

Sizzix® machines and dies can die-cut, emboss and texturize many materials. Depending on the die technology, this includes cardstock, paper, balsa wood, fabric, faux fur, felt, foil, heat and shrink plastic, leather, self-adhesive rubber (for making rubber stamps), magnetic sheet, sponge, cork and thin craft metal. Our machines can also be used with embossing folders to create additional detail to papercrafted projects.

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With over 40 years of die-cutting experience, why not explore our numerous die-cutting and embossing machines, thousands of inspiring designs, plus our wide range of tools and making essentials.

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